Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We meet again

I put the kettle on just before half ten this morning in anticipation of the first car arriving & didn't have long to wait. The others soon followed and another Tuesday got underway. Of course we had to have a couple of oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies too.

Our thoughts today were with those in Christchurch New Zealand as 3 of us have connections there. We watched the news updates with sadness. Such devastation. Hopefully the rescue services will be able to help those that are trapped soon.

I had made soup for lunch which seemed apt given the gloomy greyness outside. It was very easy if you'd like to try ( Adapted from a Weightwatchers recipe)

3 pints chicken stock
8 chicken thighs (cooked)
Chopped veg (I used carrot, onion, swede, leek)
4 tablespoons lentils/barley/split peas etc

Place all ingredients in large casserole in oven to simmer until veggies are cooked through.

We were so busy chatting we didn't start any sewing until just before lunch! Janet & I had been to hear a talk by Kim Porter last night about her recycled fabrics so we were telling the others about our evening. Alison had been to a scrapbook day & made a beautiful book - can't believe I didn't take a picture! I did manage to photograph one of her beautiful dresden plate blocks which you can see here.

Caroline had some tiny cross stitch which is going to be beautiful. Amanda was preparing an applique block for a raffle quilt. Janet finished the binding on her most recent quilt which is stunning - triangles pieced into diamonds and wonderful colour graduation. I hand pieced 1 hexagon! (It was my job to keep the tea flowing!)

Fingers crossed now that I manage to post this week's entry

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