Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Started March So I Will Finish It

A bit of a wet start for our Tuesday, although it did brighten up later.

Amanda was the first to arrive followed soon after by Caroline and Chris.  Alison was not able to make today, but we were joined for a short time by Fizz.

After our first cup of tea of the day with Macaroons and Chocolate Mini Rolls from Sainsbury's and Weightwatchers, we started sewing.

Amanda was making flying geese for a cushion cover.

 Caroline was working on her Log Cabin Star blocks

Chris was making more hexagons.

And I finished applique-ing felt leaves and pumpkins on a table runner

After a lunch of cold meats and salad, more sewing was done.

For afternoon tea we had Tea Bread, taken from an advertisement for PG Tips - I'm not sure how old this recipe is.

Soak 8oz sultanas in 6fl oz of cold tea overnight.
Place 8oz self-raising flour and 4oz dark brown sugar in a bowl.
Drain the fruit, reserving the liquid.
Blend sultanas and one beaten egg into the flour using a little liquid to make a firm dropping consistency.
Grease a one pound loaf tin and line base with greased greaseproof paper.
Bake in a moderate oven, Gas 4 350F 180C, for about one hour until firm.
Then turn on to wire rack to cool

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd

Thinking of titles has never been a strongpoint of mine. I also struggle with names for my quilts. I'm sure one of the other Tuesday girls would have had a better idea for today's title but as they've all gone home, today's date shall have to suffice!
I was glad to be 'back in the loop' after missing last Tuesday although the mistakes made today & the struggle I'm having posting might suggest otherwise. I can't get the photos to go where I want them and each time I add a new photo they all jump around the page - obviously need more lessons!

I'm already enjoying looking back on previous entries and enjoying seeing our ongoing projects. Today we had a few completed projects to share.

 Last year we had a workshop day with Janet Clare and all drew a row of houses with our machines which are new being transformed into draught excluders or cushions.
Today Amanda was putting the final stitches into


I had been using some of the Moda scrapbags to play with and am very pleased with the results of both. The concentric log cabin (Collection for a Cause - Hope) will be quilted next, but the other bright & cheery quilt (Verna) is finished

Janet measured and sewed the final buttons on her wallhanging. She also got a sloppy kiss off Molly who appreciated Janet kneeling on the floor.  Janet's glasses were a bit grubby afterwards.

Alison completed another Dear Jane block. The cotton reel at the top of the photo gives you an idea of how small these blocks are

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is here

Spring is making an appearance in this corner of Hampshire,  daffodils and crocuses are blooming and trees are in blossom. The girls enjoyed a scenic drive down today on what turned out to be a sunny and mild day.

Poor Chris couldn't join us today as she was feeling poorly - we are waving and shouting 'Get Well Soon!' Hope the sore throat goes away fast and you are feeling better.

Janet got started very quickly onto her sewing - even before the first cuppa was poured, however did pause to sample a lemon and poppyseed muffin - a new recipe from the Sainsbury magazine, Jan or Feb issue I think.  She was adding buttons to a wallhanging called Pumkins andSpice by Whimsicals by Red Rooster fabrics   -it is going to look great.

Amanda has been busy making aprons, this one with a doggy theme -what a great present for a doggy friend. Today she was busy preparing more hexagons -have you decided what you are going to do with them yet?

Caroline was sewing the binding on her table runner , she's not sure if she likes it or not but we all said it looks great. She used the Quilt As You Go method - we had a great workshop with   Carolyn Forster on this method a couple of years ago. 

I got another couple of blocks done for my Dear Jane project - a very long term project!! then started to sew the binding onto a baby quilt which is to be a gift for a friend of DD.

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan who are coming to terms with the loss of loved ones and horrific scenes of destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami. It is almost unimaginable and made us all feel very grateful for what we have.

Looking forward to next week.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Help It's My Turn!

Please forgive me, I am new to this!! (Amanda)

It was a select few who sat around the dining table on Tuesday!  Alison was enjoying her new home and could not make the gathering and Caroline was doing a decent day's work!!
With the sun shining and  birds singing, we got down to the important business - that is "Tea & Cakes!"
Chris produced some wonderful squares from her New York Beauty quilt & we all helped with ideas on the layout.

Lunch came next!!
Anyone would think that all we do is eat & drink - at least it is only tea!
After some chunky vegetable soup, we just simply had to have pancakes (with it being Shrove Tuesday)
I use a tried & tested favourite - a good old Delia recipe:

Basic Pancake Recipe
4 oz Plain Flour (110g)
Pinch saslt
2 large eggs
7fl oz milk (200ml) mixed with
3fl oz water (75ml)
2 tablespoons melted butter

Sift flour & beat in eggs.  Add liquid gradually & whisk until smooth and the texture of cream. Add melted butter just before using the mixture.
Just coat pan with butter & tip away excess. Make sure pan is hot.  Add small amount of mixture & tip pan to spread around evenly. After about 30 seconds the edges should lift.  If the pancake is thin, it should be cooked through, or you can have a go at tossing!!
Sorry no picture!!
I add a small amount of sugar if making sweet pancakes.
We served ours with Creme fraiche, fresh raspberries & blueberries dusted with a sprinkling of icing sugar - Yum!

At last we all got down to business!
We had a couple of visitors who were most interested to see what we were all up to.
Janet was doing some traditional piecing, with small diamonds and I was designing a cushion for my mother.
The quilt square I  was making last week is now finished and has been delivered to Guildford Quilters for their charity quilt.

Another week goes by in the life of the "Tea on Tuesday Five!".

It will soon be Tuesday again!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is it March already?

A dull chilly day - perfect for friends to visit and sew. Alison was first to arrive, followed by Amanda and then Chris a little later; Caroline made it just in time for lunch.

We had tea and apple & sultana muffins - and then more tea!

Lunch was homemade vegetable soup with warm ciabatta rolls, followed by cheesecake and even more tea!!

Alison was hand quilting her scrap quilt with Baptist's Fans:

Caroline was cutting mauve batik fabric the blocks she did on a recent jellyroll workshop at our local quilt shop, Needle and Thread (Needle and Thread), Amanda was hand appliqueing a block for the Guildford Charity Quilt (Guildford Quilters):

and Chris was making the most of her fabric by cutting scraps from a Rouenneries charm pack to make a Schnibbles pattern called Tuffets (using the leftovers from another Schnibbles pattern) (Miss Rosies Quilt Company):

Janet did show and tell with one of her old sewing machines

and kept the tea flowing...