Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow, more Snow and a chilly start!


Well, the snow had settled on the ground well and truly before I even thought to clear the front steps... so was sweeping and shovelling as Amanda arrived.  I was doubtful it would ever be warm enough to enter the Conservatory, so despite putting the heater on in time, I ended up fetching another heater.  I had just made a cup of tea for us both when Janet, then Chris arrived.  We all received a lovely text from Alison, who had wisely decided not to make the trip up to us. We look forward to seeing her next time.

We sat in the lounge drinking several cups of tea and munching on Chocolate and Pistachio Brownies (based on a recipe from the Daily Mail's Weekend TV mag).   As we ate and drank, both Janet and I received more belated birthday and Christmas gifts from Amanda.  She had made us both beautiful tote bags, which we loved and included teabags and a caddy each. Thanks to my lovely friends, my birthday has stretched out over the last 3 weeks so I think I am ready to admit I am a year older!  Hmm!

I had finally received Janet's Christmas present from America via Amazon... (I had researched by looking on what I thought was her wish list.. sadly it wasn't hers.) duly wrapped it and was able to give it to her... a Thimbleberries book (Janet loves their fabrics!) - very few words, no patterns, but lots of colour photos. Not quite what either of us were expecting, but still some beautiful items shown.

Whilst we were supping tea, I received a frantic call from DD so ended up dashing back and forth between houses looking for notes from a meeting she had had, and as I was the last one to have the pad which they were on, could I locate it.  For those who know me well, they will say I am easily 'distracted' so things are lost frequently in my home.  Searches are often non-productive and it was so this time.. Time taken from Tuesdays is not appreciated, but happens too often with me!  Fortunately, I was not the guilty party in the end, the lost item being recovered eventually in a certain daughter's car!!!!

During my time out, Janet and Chris did their show and tells... Janet, who was tieing ends on her small calendar quilts, showed some granny blocks she had made using left over Strawberry Field fabrics from her daughter's quilt... and Chris, who was casting on some fingerless gloves, had received her beautifully machine-quilted quilt back from Yvette at Needle and Thread.  I was pleased to see these lovely items once I got back.  Amanda was appliqueing on her second block of the month from Patchwork Cabin.

Anyway, it was nearly lunch-time before we entered the... by then, warm and cosy conservatory.  Chris was once more attending dog training with the Tuesday Pup so left before we ate.  It wasn't long before we had a steaming bowl of home-made and slightly spicy roasted veg and butternut squash soup with a warm roll, followed by Devilishh creme brulee.  I had bought a cook's 'flame gun'!  NO gas!  This weekend I actually managed to get some and so was able to melt the brown sugar without having to turn on the grill.  Note to self!!!  A thicker layer of sugar required next time!

A quick cup of tea then followed, conversation and a decision to leave early as it was getting very cool again outside. So with the weather in mind, we all went our separate ways.  Until next time be safe!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Three, then Two then Three

Alison was the first to arrive from Hampshire, the kettle had already boiled, so we settled down with coffee for Alison and tea for me, to wait for Chris and Amanda to arrive.

While we were waiting I was able to have a look at the book and magazines that Alison had bought on her trip to America at the beginning of the year.

Chris arrived, but no Amanda who was still feeling poorly.  We hope you feel better soon Amanda.
The First Three!

Chris brought cake with her, a Seriously Buttery Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble Cake from Waitrose. It was delicious.

Alison was blanket stitiching the edge of the felt table centre from Primitive Gathering called Old St Nick.

Chris was sewing the binding on a table runner called Windows of the World, from the book Table Talk by Gudrun Erla, the fabric is by Jo Morton

Just after twelve, Chris left to take the Tuesday puppy to agility class, so there were Two!

About one Alison received a text from Caroline to say she was on her way (my text arrived sometime later).  Caroline had been teaching this morning, so we were back to Three!

For lunch we had homemade vegetable soup, with rolls, homemade apple crumble with custard from Sainsburys.

As it was Caroline's birthday last Tuesday, there were presents from Chris and Alison.

This is a photo of the quilting books I had for Christmas, that Chris had a problem with last week.

This is a small glimpse of my 'Thursday Project', the fabric is from a member of Village Quilters (a group that Alison and I belong too) who is no longer able to quilt. 

Until next time. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Happy New Year!

There were only 3 Tuesday girls today as Alison had flown to colder climes and Amanda was keeping her bug away from the rest of us! We met for coffee as I was having to take the Tuesday puppy to agility where she is teaching me what to do with jumps and weaves

                                           Janet's gifts to Caroline

Today was also Caroline's birthday and I had forgotten - promise I'll make it up to you! - so Janet & Caroline were going out for a celebratory lunch.

Janet was putting the finishing touches to her appliqu├ęd monthly quilt blocks which are lovely - we are not hoping for snowmen in January, but the forecasters seem to think it's a possibility.
I am determined to complete some projects which have been lurking at the back of my quilting cupboard and had spent the first week of 2013 on a UFO. Hopefully the completed project will be ready for photographing in the not too distant future but here are 4 blocks completed this week ...

They are from a BOM started in about 2007, 
designed by Paula Doyle

Janet had also brought a selection of lovely books that she had received for Christmas - but she'll have to share next week as the photo is upside down and I can't rotate it!

On that note ... see you next week

Christmas 2012 (A little late!!)

 Christmas started with the appropriate cupcakes. green Christmas trees and snowflakes on a red & silver background!

 Biscuits courtesy of Alison & her trip to a Christmas market.

The table was decorated & parcels were at the ready!!  I love exchanging gifts with all the Tuesday Girls - we always know what each other like - such fun!!

Of course, I was ready to get into the party spirit.  They even light up & play a medley of Christmas tunes!!
 At least oner of us was getting down to business.  Caroline was trying to decide on colours/cutting ideas for a new project - much more exciting that all those UFO's!!

 After a lunch that was so long ago that I cannot remember, although I seem to think it did not involve chicken, we finished off with fresh chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream & raspberries.  A little pre-Christmas treat!!

 Janet was piecing together yet another project from some of her many stash scraps.  There must be some Thimbleberries in there!!

The tree was sparkling & the coffee table was ready so:
 we moved to more comfortable seats after lunch, in time for gift exchanging!

 Caroline's range of fabrics for her new project from a Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  Watch this space in 2013!.

It was a lovely day - another rare occasion for us all to be together,

From all the Tuesday Girls: