Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd

Thinking of titles has never been a strongpoint of mine. I also struggle with names for my quilts. I'm sure one of the other Tuesday girls would have had a better idea for today's title but as they've all gone home, today's date shall have to suffice!
I was glad to be 'back in the loop' after missing last Tuesday although the mistakes made today & the struggle I'm having posting might suggest otherwise. I can't get the photos to go where I want them and each time I add a new photo they all jump around the page - obviously need more lessons!

I'm already enjoying looking back on previous entries and enjoying seeing our ongoing projects. Today we had a few completed projects to share.

 Last year we had a workshop day with Janet Clare and all drew a row of houses with our machines which are new being transformed into draught excluders or cushions.
Today Amanda was putting the final stitches into


I had been using some of the Moda scrapbags to play with and am very pleased with the results of both. The concentric log cabin (Collection for a Cause - Hope) will be quilted next, but the other bright & cheery quilt (Verna) is finished

Janet measured and sewed the final buttons on her wallhanging. She also got a sloppy kiss off Molly who appreciated Janet kneeling on the floor.  Janet's glasses were a bit grubby afterwards.

Alison completed another Dear Jane block. The cotton reel at the top of the photo gives you an idea of how small these blocks are


  1. Sorry Girls - this is not how the post was laid out before I hit publish! Been back & edited it, but all changed again so I'm giving up!
    Chris x

  2. Lol ! Thought it was lovely post Chris !