Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once more to the Conservatory!

Tuesday is the one day of the week we all look forward to, without a shadow of a doubt.  It is a day of  discussion, relaxation and the warmth of friendship.  Yes, there is the question of which muffin/cake to bake and what appropriate meal to serve for lunch, but these are minor issues.  After an extremely busy Monday, the guilt struck home as I (Caroline) had to resort to Waitrose and Alison, who had volunteered to make her Malted Tea Loaf,  (picture my head hung in shame, here... ). However, this is what our group is all about.  We have a good time together, but we also support each other in both small and large ways.  So thank you Alison, the tea bread was wonderful.

Alison arrived first... (she has the furthest to come) closely followed by Amanda.  Janet arrived a little later and sadly Chris had said she would not be with us, but she would try to make afternoon tea.  (We later found that she spent some time in our local A&E with her son, after he'd fallen off his bike, poor lad!)  Anyway, although it was overcast, it was warm, so the conservatory door and windows were opened and we got down to the serious business of drinking mugs of tea and devouring (or in one of our words - and I love this phrase.... Scarfing down) the yummy Tea loaf, brownies or choc fridge cake (the latter two from Waitrose - so no recipe there, I'm afraid) and of course a little stitching on the side. 

As we were supping our tea and munching on our chosen cake, Alison presented us with some little goodie bags... She had been to Berlin with her husband but also to a Quilt Exhibition near where she lives.  We opened our bags and found some very delicious Ritter Sport chocolates and a wonderful little 3 sided fabric item.  Alison told us they were good for earings.  Well, that set us off as both Amanda and I immediately did the daft thing of popping ours on our ears.  Not quite what they were for but..!!!!  They were little thimble holders and you squeeze the sides to open them... Alison had been told they were good for (holding) earings but of course we had to take it literally, didn't we?  After several minutes of laughter and general tom-foolery, we settled down.

Amanda was working on a super pin cushion, Janet - her hexagons and Alison was working on her wonderful little blocks for her Dear Jane Quilt.  Such talented ladies and the completed items always look so good! I was working on my star from the class, 3 of us had attended at Needle and Thread (see last week's post).   Soon it was time to turn on the oven and get lunch on the way, so off I trotted.  After a slight delay, our lunch of an Italian chicken and pasta bake - with a Mediterranean style vegetable, chianti and olive sauce, (parma ham over the top with parmesan cheese sprinkled liberally over it) which was all served with salad and warm pitta bread. This was then followed by a wonderful chocolate desert, (similar to Gu) from Waitrose, served with a small Almond macaroon. Of course, all this had to be washed down by a good cup of tea!

Later Chris arrived and in the time she had, she was able to enjoy the dessert and a cup of tea at least.  We all chatted about our various chocoholisms as Alison gave Chris her goodie bag - from Curly Wurlies to Creme Eggs (and how to eat them), un-opened boxes of chocolates and self restraint until - on opening  they are 'scarfed down'. 

This took us through a good part of the afternoon where upon projects changed.  Janet took up her x-stitch and Amanda worked on some of her hexagons.  I managed to stitch two of my star quarters together, after a few 'mental' moments (not threading my machine's needle being one, but still going ahead to stitch).  It was a merry afternoon, but still sad when it was time for us to pack up and go our seperate ways.  

After waving good-bye, I remained for a few extra moments, to put the rest of my star together and felt quite proud as most of the points matched up. Hurray!

Until next time!

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