Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aren't birthdays fun?

Well the doorbell rang  before I expected this morning- the charabanc from Surrey had got to Hampshire in record time  - good job the kettle was full and the muffins were baked!! Banana, chocolate and pecan this week.

Amanda and I have birthdays a week apart so we often have a joint birthday on a Tuesday and today was it. There was a veritable pile of presents to be exciting....

We started with Amanda first as her birthday is the earlier - a clutch of sewing related goodies and books which of course we all had a good look at. The red spotty case contained supplies for a redwork project just in case she didn't have enough projects started. 
Take a good look at the wonderful chicken with its wings filled sewing supplies -isn't it a great idea.

We then had a quick tour around the completed building work that has been recently finished in the house, before the kettle was put on for a second cuppa.

Then it was my turn to open presents - it's always so exciting - does anyone get tired of birthdays do you think? 

 So many lovely pressies....things to do, to read, to make, to store things in ...thank you all so much. just noticed my chicken didn't make it into the picture -was obviously off scratching around.

Just wondered how many birthdays we have had altogether ... over 230 and counting!!! there's a scary thought!

One project we have all decided to do together is The Farmers Wife Quilt  We all have our books now and are using the From Marti Michell templates to cut out the various blocks. Marti has worked out which templates match up to the templates in the book so has made it very easy for us all. ( if you sign up for her newsletter you will get information about it)

By the time we had looked at the templates and talked about how to cut things out it was time for lunch - it's amazing that we get anything done other than eating and drinking tea on a Tuesday!

Being mid June I thought it was safe to have baked salmon and salad - had hoped to eat outside but it was too cold for that unfortunately. However it still tasted like a summer lunch. We followed that with individual pavlovas - well meringue nests with redcurrants from the garden, rasps and blueberries heaped on top.

The afternoon was then spent cutting out various blocks ready to sew when time permitted.

Chris, Janet and I have decided to sew the blocks on our featherweights so they were duly brought out and inspected. 

I wonder what the collective noun for a number of Featherweights would be? A wing of... 

Any suggestions?

... and here are the little beauties...

The afternoon was rounded off with more tea and  lemon drizzle cake before bags were packed, goodbyes said and another lovely Tuesday was gone.

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