Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paper Piecing Tuesday!!

-Just a small gathering today - Janet arrived for tea and cake & Chris timed it perfectly for our second cup - no, we did not have a second piece of cake!!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

4oz Butter/marg
4oz Caster Sugar
4oz SR Flour 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
2 eggs
Rind & Juice of 1-2 lemons

Combine ingredients & put into a 2lb loaf tin (liners from Lakeland are easy & quick).
Lemons are to taste but it is really good with more lemon.
Bake in pre-heated medium oven 180*c (less for fan oven).  Bake for approx 25 mins until tester comes out clean.
Meanwhile, add rind & juice of another lemon to 2oz sugar (any type) & heat until syrupy!
Once  cooked, poke holes all over cake with knitting needle or cake tester & pour syrup over the top whilst still warm.  Leave on wire rack to cool.
Can be served warm with greek yogurt for a change.

Sewing projects this week seemed to have a theme - paper piecing¬

Chris is still going with her 1" hexagons.

                                                                          The pile is growing!!

Janet is also continuing with her paper pieced

It is amazing how different they look.  Not sure how large either of the finished products will be but they are a great way to spend an evening & are very addictive!

Diamonds by Janet
Not much new this week.  Alison is helping her mother in Scotland & Caroline is working hard as usual.
I have been away on a photography course for the past few days so not much time for any extra.
I am, however, continuing with my felt candle mat, another enjoyable hand project.

The pins are getting fewer!!

Lunch was jacket potatoes with coronation chicken and/or prawns.  Raspberry mousse to finish.

Another lovely day with friends.

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