Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sultry Summer or Christmas in August???

Well dear readers, although another 'Conservatory day' had arrived and as it was such a beautiful day on Tuesday, we felt it was just right for sitting under the gazebo and doing nothing but laze the day away.  Full of good intentions as always, I had had a busy start to my school holidays with all things family so was looking forward to a day of good company - which it always is.  Knowing also that DH was having the car, I had shopped well and got everything sorted and what's more .. to where it needed to be the day before, so I had as little as possible to distract me from doing some much wanted quilting. Hmm!

First of all DD arrived, very cheerful and with a lovely iced coffee milkshake from our village cafe  (she was looking for a superhero costume from the shop next to the cafe - but hadn't realised it  had moved to Chertsey).  Next Amanda arrived and went to talk to DD under the gazebo, then Janet in quick succession and I had just made tea, when Chris also arrived -  virtuously on her bicycle!  We all sat in the garden as it was just too hot in the conservatory by 10.30.  We would have melted!   We sat,  drank tea, ate cake (Brazilian Coffee - Tesco's best), cookies (M&S Cranberry and Orange... very, very nice) and some delicious, sweet cherries  and conversed some more at our leisure.  Janet was the only one to be industrious and actually sew today as she had a fantastic Christmas Quilt to stitch the binding on .. this will be for Needle and Thread's stand at the Festival of Quilts (Birmingham NEC) next week.  Once that was done, she held it up and it looked gorgeous.

Lunch came next and what else would we be having but SALAD with Salmon and/or Southern Fried Chicken with all the usual trimmings, followed by Key Lime Pies, courtesy of Gu. Not one iota of stitching was done by any of us from that point on.  We chatted and supped cold drinks, chatted some more and then the girls were gone, earlier than usual sadly, but chores called!

Until next week!

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