Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quilts, A New Home and A Holiday

Well, today was certainly a challenge as I had a myriad of things to achieve.. and one of them was to get my sense of direction oriented.  Amanda was hosting today's get-together, but as she is literally still moving in to her new house, I said I would complete the blog as she is without internet etc.. due to a hiccup with BT.  Janet has gone on holiday to France (such beautiful weather to have too) and Chris was arriving later due to work commitments.

My first task was to find where she had moved to.... I thought I had the correct address (having left it on my cutting table!!!), so I phoned her, being unable to find the house and no, I was one road to soon!  LOL  Having found where I should be, I then unpacked my bits and pieces and discovered I was the first to arrive.  Two cuppas and a wonderful piece of chocolate cake later, Alison arrived...

with a huge potted plant for Amanda (house warming gift),  amidst a flurry of activity outside (dustmen, Sky engineer etc...) but soon, we were settled to some quilting activities.   More tea and some lovely little meringue confections from, I think, Brittany, were also served.
Show and Tell was rewarding as Alison had her Christmas 'block of the month' quilt top almost completed... we all had differing opinions on the colours we liked on the quilt, but it is still a really jolly example of Christmas - looking at it also brought home the fact that the season of cheer is not too far off now. HELP! 

 I had almost completed a black and white (disappearing 9 patch) quilt for an acquaintance.  This has involved  the purchasing of 27 different fat quarters over about 14months and finally cutting out the 6" squares whilst we were on holiday; I had so little work last week, I was able to machine them into the 9 patch blocks, re-cut and then stitch them together in a matter of days ( a miracle in itself).  So, with machine at the ready, I was able to complete some of the quilting at Amanda's. 

In the mean time Amanda was working on her own project... no photos as I was so engrossed in mine, I forgot to photograph hers!  Apologies to you Amanda.

 Alison began to sew some more of her Farmer's wife blocks and by this time, Chris had arrived, showing us a rather nice blue and yellow charm square top which her mum had begun and given to her.  We then looked at a lovely selection of 'leaders and enders' blocks which we played around with for positoning, as she had cut both triangles and rectangles.  We came up with some reasonable ideas which Chris is now considering.  (At this point my camera ran out of power!!!! So the rest of the photos are on my phone which needs an adapter card to put in my computer... so watch this space for them, please!)  All now updated!


Lunch was served... a really tasty spicy pumpkin soup with Tiger bread (no recipe as it was from our local Co-op due to Amanda's hectic moving in schedule!).  Desert was a choice of yogurts.. very yummy and of course more tea!  We chattered about many different topics during the day, ranging from my diet, children with sight 'problems' to moving home, (very topical) and plumbers.. which I was about to dash home for as I received a text to say he was coming earlier than 'anticipated'.  SO.... once lunch was over, I had to leave... after another little meringue and of course, a mug of Tea!  I think we all achieved at least a few elements of our current projects, whilst putting the world to 'rights' and getting small issues 'off our chests'! LOL...

Until next time dear reader...!!!!!

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  1. Chocolate cake??? That will teach me to work in the morning!
    Chris x