Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tea for One!!!

The house is decorated for Easter and I find myself with a morning on my own!  A great chance to get down to some sewing!

The family call this "Christmas at Easter!"  Eggs are very fiddly to paint!

Not much sewing so far -
Not before the requisite tea & cake!
There was only one hot cross bun left -
I couldn't even wait to take a picture!!

                                      The Guildford Quilters Exhibition is coming up at  Clandon - these little hearts are rather cute.  The buttons add a decorative touch.

Also for the exhibition - my own version of Schnibbles Tuffets, some stuffed with wadding & some with crushed walnut shells.  These feel lovely and squidgy!

 Caroline arrived with chicken soup & I made some fresh bread for lunch, followed by plum & apple crumble.  Cream & icecream to accompany, of course!  Well, we didn't have much in the way of cakes!!

Caroline was busy cutting some more strips for her "Stars in the Cabin", from a class by Janet at Needle & Thread.

We played with the layout to get an idea of the patterns.  So many different effects just by turning the blocks around.

A very productive & enjoyable day.  Am sure it was for the others too but you were missed.  Can only do so much talking to oneself!!!


  1. Those pincushions are lovely! And also the stars in the cabin hearts! And the hearts... everything!!!


  2. Hi! Can you visit my blog? It is in spanish, but I have translated for you my last post. You have a surprise!

    1. I have sent you an email Gloria. I apologise it is so late in coming to you.