Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrations Times Two

Today's get together was unusual in that two of the Tuesday Girls had birthdays within  a few days of each other and Three of us had been on holiday over the half term week!  First the get together was going to be at my place, then Alison's (due to the conservatory's owner being here for the day - last minute!!!) then at Janet's as we were all a little confused after reading emails with offers to host.  So after a hurried re-arrangement of venues, we chipped in and brought contributions toward the feeding of the five and met just after 10.30.

Alison, who was continuing to hand quilt her beautiful block of the month quilt, and Amanda were already at Janet's by the time I put in an appearance (late as usual due to various phone calls and a very hasty trip to Waitrose for cakes)! Janet popped the kettle on and Grassmere Gingerbread (from my trip to the Lake District) and muffins (muesli and sunflower and red berries) were served.

Janet showed us some of her quilts/tops she had done for The Festival of Quilts and a charity quilt which she was finishing the binding of. Really beautiful.. and I have quilt envy... she is soooo quick!

After Chris arrived and more tea and cake were served,  it was time for holiday and birthday gifts to be handed out, which is always an exciting time for us girls.    
The beautiful purple bag amongst Alison's lovely presents
 had many micro prairie points.

Amanda's amazing gifts contained a super
little scented dog paperweight.
Alison had brought us some wonderful little hand made flower pins from her trip to Majorca and I had found some bags printed with  sayings appropriate to each of my friends - Love knitting/dancing/friends/books from the Lake District. Amanda was first to open her birthday gifts and what a lovely selection they were. Amongst the many notable items was a wonderful sewing machine cover that Alison had made her a  Then, Alison opened hers and we 'oohed' and 'aahed' over them equally. Such wonderful gifts and such good choices, ranging from a book to soap, note pads, chutney labels and fabrics - plus a wonderful fragranced puppy paper weight.  We are blessed to have friends who really know what we like.

Chris's applique.
We got on with some stitching... well, I got as far as winding a new bobbin, threading my machine and running off 5 inches of stitching.  Amanda had lain out some brush cotton 3" squares for a new baby quilt but couldn't decide what 'pattern' to use. Suddenly, it was lunch. What a delicious piece of chicken with salad and new potatoes we each had. This was followed by some Gu puddings Alison had brought with her and then more tea. 

We carried on with our various projects.. Amanda had brought her hexagons and carried on stitching them together.  Janet continued binding her charity quilt and I managed to get the horizontal stitching in the ditch done on my log cabin stars quilt... which I am now frantically trying to get done for Father's day... not too much hope of that I fear!  Chris had an applique kit she'd been doing and so beautifully too.  As we felt the afternoon drawing to a close, it was time for one final cuppa and a piece of birthday cake.  Happy Birthday Ladies!

Before we went home, we arranged meeting times and venues for a few of our future get togethers, then Amanda told us what time she would pick us up for our trip to Bath next week.  (Groan - 7.15 for me!)  Never mind it will be a great day and we are looking forward to it. Sadly Alison and Chris will not be with us, but never mind!  We'll tell you all about it next time.

Until then, Adieu!

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