Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jam sandwiches?

Although I'd had the date in my diary I hadn't thought through arrangements for hosting today. It wasn't until almost bedtime last night that it dawned on me that I hadn't thought about lunch ... or cake! The kitchen cupboards were bare apart from bread and jam ... jam sandwiches? And so it was that I headed to our local Cook branch where I bought all that was required. A very lazy Tuesday on my part and no recipes to share!

Life is busy at the moment and I simply don't have the time to sew so have put it on the back burner until the holidays and am enjoying seeing the beautiful work produced by my friends.

Caroline had brought a new project with a beautiful selection of Japanese taupe fabrics. As always, trying to select the fabrics and placing them in the design takes lots of thought. 

 Alison was hand quilting. The designs she has chosen to stitch complement the quilt blocks beautifully. It is also amazing to see how quickly she is completing this project, little and often = steady progress!
 Janet was finishing binding and sewing ends on her London quilt. This is one of a pair that she has 
made for her children. They were pieced over the Jubilee weekend and are both nearing completion. A wonderful memory of the Jubilee.
Amanda was also sewing a new project as a result of a recent workshop/talk on Somerset Patchwork.

I could be thinking about sewing now but think I'll watch the matches at Wimbledon instead!

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