Monday, October 29, 2012

Four Together Again, At Last!

Due to family issues, I am rather late in posting and as this is to be a less than adequate blog, I offer my apologies. 

It was a conservatory day thanks to my lovely, but absent neighbour.  It was a cool day so the first thing I had to do was organise a heater which didn't take long to make the room nice and toastie.  By the time Janet arrived everything was ship-shape and ready to receive the Tuesday Girls.  Alison, sadly was not going to make it having another commitment. Of course, tea was served up with triple chocolate muffins and coffee flavoured chocolate brownie (Betty Crocker mix with a strong dose of coffee added).  Now a word of caution... don''t try to follow two sets of instructions at the same time as near disasters are best avoided.  I added the oil from one recipe to the other by mistake, but luckily the result wasn't as bad as it could have been and the muffins were perhaps a little moister than they should have been. (The left-overs were taken to work and were gone before I got to the staff room at break time!!!)

We sat and reviewed family life, house extentions and briefly looked at magazines for a while, then Janet showed me a seam roller she had bought.  She had been reviewing several blogs, Which we looked at on my lap top... Cathy's Quilts and RaNae Merrill's Quilt Design (hopefully, links will be provided once I find them again and then how to insert them) where she came across the idea of using a wallpaper seam roller as a seam roller for quilting.  It works too!  She used it on her quilt seams as we machined, very effectively too.  Saved getting out the iron and ironing board!  Then the door knocker sounded and it was Chris.. she had managed to get away early.  Amanda soon followed and without further ado, more tea was served up as we reviewed Janet's find.   
A little more sewing was enjoyed before I began getting the lunch ready.  This consisted of home made veg soup (roasted for about 40 minutes till soft - carrots, butternut squash, onion, potato with a small apple thrown in, then blended together with some chicken stock. I add a vegetable Oxo,before roasting then herbs and garlic granules to taste), fresh crusty white bread (made in the bread maker) all followed by Devilishh Chocolate desert. Another cup of tea and we cleared the decks to continue sewing.   

I had my table runner, made in Janet's class at Needle and Thread, to quilt... Chris was knitting and Janet had various projects, including log-cabin  blocks and some chain piecing she was doing, and Amanda had her applique . I couldn't believe that the time passed by so quickly, but sadly it did.  Chris was expecting a delivery so left early, then Janet and Amanda went together.  Sadly another Tuesday over.. next week Janet and I are off to Alison's.

Until next time...!!!

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