Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Already?

Well, where have the past eleven months gone? Today was very cold and frosty, making some amazing spiders web patterns.

Alison was the first to arrive followed by Amanda, Caroline and Chris.  This was the first time for a few months when all five of us were together.

As usual we started with tea and coffee, and today we had a birthday cake as it had been my birthday last week.

I was also given some lovely birthday gifts, a cover and accessories for my Singer Featherweight from Alison, Alfie Boe's autobiography from Caroline and a quilting book and a candle from Chris.

Chris also had a cover for her Singer Featherweight from Alison for her birthday, but I'm afraid I forgot to take a photo.

Alison was blanket stitching a felt table centre from Primitive Gatherings called Old St Nick.

 Amanda was appliqueing the second block from the block of the month called Evening Bloom from the book Country Inn.

Caroline had a show and tell, having finished her Log Cabin Stars.

Caroline was starting a new project today, by sorting and cutting her fabric, using a pattern called Weaving the Strands from the magazine Modern Quilting.  The fabrics are mainly from Makower.

There is no photo of Chris' project as its a Christmas present.

I was putting a face on a Honey Badger Cushion for a neighbour's grandson.

Chris left before lunch as she had agility with the Tuesday dog Berry.

For lunch we had chicken, bacon and pasta in a tomato and basil sauce. For dessert we had chocolate mousse.

All too soon it was time for Alison, Amanda and Caroline to leave.  It was still very cold and the frost on the ground had not cleared.

Here is my Singer Featherweight wearing its new clothes!

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