Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Three, then Two then Three

Alison was the first to arrive from Hampshire, the kettle had already boiled, so we settled down with coffee for Alison and tea for me, to wait for Chris and Amanda to arrive.

While we were waiting I was able to have a look at the book and magazines that Alison had bought on her trip to America at the beginning of the year.

Chris arrived, but no Amanda who was still feeling poorly.  We hope you feel better soon Amanda.
The First Three!

Chris brought cake with her, a Seriously Buttery Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble Cake from Waitrose. It was delicious.

Alison was blanket stitiching the edge of the felt table centre from Primitive Gathering called Old St Nick.

Chris was sewing the binding on a table runner called Windows of the World, from the book Table Talk by Gudrun Erla, the fabric is by Jo Morton

Just after twelve, Chris left to take the Tuesday puppy to agility class, so there were Two!

About one Alison received a text from Caroline to say she was on her way (my text arrived sometime later).  Caroline had been teaching this morning, so we were back to Three!

For lunch we had homemade vegetable soup, with rolls, homemade apple crumble with custard from Sainsburys.

As it was Caroline's birthday last Tuesday, there were presents from Chris and Alison.

This is a photo of the quilting books I had for Christmas, that Chris had a problem with last week.

This is a small glimpse of my 'Thursday Project', the fabric is from a member of Village Quilters (a group that Alison and I belong too) who is no longer able to quilt. 

Until next time. 

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