Sunday, May 5, 2013

Which Way Up?

Tuesday began with a start.  I overslept!  So, bang went any idea of me baking (as I have said in the past... I am a little on the last side and had planned to do it when I got up which is usually about 6.00am,) so it was off to a local supermarket to buy the makings for lunch and for something to have with our cups of tea.  Oh well!  I had the best of intentions - I will hope to resolve the issue next time I host!

By the time I got into the conservatory to check that all was well it was past 10.00 am and warming up rapidly.  It was a beautiful and bright blue morning so I whizzed around with a duster and set the table with mats etc so at least I was ready for the imminent arrival of the Tuesday Girls.  Alison was first on the scene by which time I had even got the kettle on.  Chris arrived a short while later and then Janet.  (Amanda was in London at the Kaffe Fassett exhibition, so it was just the four of us.) Tea for us and coffee for Alison with some low fat carrot cake slices and some mini breakfast muffins (which were rather nice warm but a little less so, cold).

Apart from Chris, we had been to the Meon Valley Quilters show on Saturday ( showing a wonderful display of modern and traditional styles all beautifully displayed in a church near Fareham), then we went on to Alison's for lunch after.  Janet and I had both bought some fabric there from Creative Quilters and another stall, which we showed to Chris.  In one room we saw demonstrations of rag rug making and some tumbling blocks.  A template was given and so by today, Alison had already had a go and made some up.  Which way up would they go up though...?  So after our short 'show and tell' we all had our preferences. Each way up looks so different! So, which way would you have them?

I have finally completed the top and back of my quilt from the Modern Quilting magazine and was able to layer and pin it.  It is now awaiting quilting, but as to which way I will do it is anyone's guess.

Janet and Chris were both sewing on bindings to some incredible quilts, one for charity and the other for a niece.  Alison was working with another of her BOM and applying the stem and flowers ready to applique them on.  I was prevaricating as ever and putting off cutting the backing up for my black and white quilt as I couldn't remember the sizes or setting out for it.  This was unfortunate as Alison and Janet had helped me with it once already.  Luckily they were willing to help again.

Chris departed before lunch as she had agility training to attend, so it was three for lunch.  This was to be chicken thighs with a sage and onion seasoning and a thick slice of orange (to caramelise) over the top.  Mini pork pies and prawns; salad and some rustic rolls were to go with it then; fresh strawberries and creme fresh or toffee apple pie and cream were to follow.

After lunch and another cuppa,  we carried on with our various projects and I finally got around to cutting the backing up and have several pieces now to stitch.  That will have to wait for another day though as I was short of time. Janet, having completed sewing her binding on and Alison packed up all too soon and so before the school rush began, they were gone. Another wonderfully relaxing day over, but at least we had all achieved our goals and had something to show for our efforts.
Once more... until next time!

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  1. Preciosos trabajos. Y una tarde estupenda con amigas.
    Un beso.