Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hang out the flags - 100th post coming up!! Except I think it is only the 99th!!

Happy 100th Birthday to us!!
For those of you who have managed to look through the entries, thankyou.  We do seem to have made some wonderful quilts/cakes etc since embarking on this outing.
It all started because, after many years of discussing the fact that we never took photos, Alison arrived in blogland, & here we are!

Tea & cake has always been a big part of the day - always a time for 'Show & Tell' & discussion before getting down to work!
Today was no exception - no fat lemon cake (whisked sponge) with a lemon curd filling.
After Sandown at the weekend we looked at each other's purchases & books/magazines from birthdays & the show - oh no, more ideas!

Chris had already nearly finished a monkey Buttons 'Kangaroo' bag, only purchased on Saturday.  The fabric was from the Monkey Buttons stand too.  We discussed the finishing edges & how to attach the one-piece handle, which makes it very strong.

 Janet Was finishing the binding on a 3 sisters, Moda, quilt - Le Moyne Star from Studio 180 designs.  Quilted by Yvette at Needle & Thread, another sample for the shop!

Archie had a very good use for the quilt - I think he approves!!

Alison was putting the finishing touches to her fourth block, which is actually block nine, of the Barb Adams BOTM quilt.  She is doing the four corners first in case you were wondering!!

Chris has a very large box of 2 1/2" strips so was deciding which to use for a scrappy friendship braid class that Janet is running at Needle & thread on Saturday.  There is certainly plenty to choose from!!!

 The sun came out & so did we, minus Caroline who has had to go to work today.  Hopefully we will be five again soon!
Lasagne & salad followed by fruit crumble was on the menu, along with a few more cups of tea - of course!!

Just to prove I did actually do something - this hand quilting needle case needed finishing.  A project run by Yvette at Heather Quilters in Camberley, I used Belle Fleur fabric & buttons from my stash!  Yes it is not only fabric us quilters have in abundance!!


I also managed to almost finish my Beach Hut wall hanging from Julia Gahagan's class at Needle & Thread.
I purchased the hanger from a stand at Sandown - Patchwork Corner.
I have a few more shells to attach but they need larger holes drilled into them as even the smallest needle will not do through!

No Fat Lemon Sponge
For each sponge
3 eggs separated
3oz caster sugar
2oz SR flour
touch of Baking powder
Juice & Rind of one lemon

Whisk egg yolks with sugar & lemon rind.  Add flour & baking powder alternating with juice.
Beat egg whites separately & fold into mixture.  Bake in lined tin for about 25mins on 180 C (if fan oven slightly less)
I made two & sandwiched together with lemon curd

Another busy day - until next time!!!

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