Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Already!

The 8th month the year already...how can that be? The year seems to be flashing past so quickly.

Chris arrived with the Tuesday Puppy who had a quick walk around the block before settling down for the day. She was quickly followed by Caroline and Janet who had also had a good drive down. It was lovely to see everyone again, Amanda couldn't make it as she was on holiday, hope you are having a great time.

We had delayed our meeting by a week this month as a few of us were off to Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham at the beginning of the month. There was quite a bit of chat about what we had seen and bought and what workshops/lectures that we had taken.

 The kettle was boiled, the tea was made and the tea loaf and biscuits were on a plate. 
As it seemed a long time since we were together there was a lot of news to catch up with. News of families, holidays and of course what everyone was working on. The giving out of 'holiday postcards' had everyone excited. Thank you to everyone for the delicious gifts. 

Everyone was then keen to get on with some sewing.

 Chris was finishing the binding on a Christmas Quilt that she had finished a while back, almost finished now ready for Christmas 2014!

Caroline was thinking about adding more to her Bow Tie Quilt that she started at a class with Janet at Needle and Thread. The Moda fabric was Sweet Seranade.

Janet was checking to see if she had enough fabric to complete a lap size quilt from a free pattern from Fat Quarter shop - she did, so we are looking forward to seeing the finished article.

I was quilting the same simple table runner that I was working on last month,  using the Midwinter reds by Minick and Simpson -life seems to have got in the way of my quilting this month. 

A little more sewing was completed after lunch while Janet and Caroline spent some time browsing through the quilting books that Caroline had brought from the library.

All too soon it was time for everyone to make their way back to Surrey. Another lovely day spent in the company of likeminded people!

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