Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Half Term- Half Over!

Well, there we were once more, in the Conservatory.  It was very cool to begin with so I had ventured out early with heaters to ensure those who feel the chill more, would be comfortable.  I began my stitching about 9.30 with a new set of fabrics for my newly married friends in Brazil, as I wasn't happy with my previous choice.  Maybe I will complete it for myself! I like the floral fabrics.. but, they may be just a little too 'girly'!  My companion, our Staffi Sammi, lay by the heater in doggy bliss!  It wasn't too long until Janet arrived, followed by Chris then Amanda.  Alison was unable to join us, sadly. 

I had, just for a change, been very organised and made not only our lunch the night before, but also our Muffins; this time Almond and Apricot from 'Muffins - Fast and Fantastic' by Susan Reimer.  They were warmed up in the microwave and served immediately. With the addition of some malted loaf (bought I'm afraid) plus another cuppa, we settled in to another great day of crafting in good company.

 Chris began cutting out some felt leaves and acorns in rich colours, for an applique design and Janet was completing the binding on a Christmas tree hanging.  Amanda had her hexagons and only has a few 'flowers' left to do now.  All too soon it was time to clear the table...

Lunch was baked potatoes (cooked in my new combi micro, the last one having given up the ghost) with chile and salad, followed by meringue nests with raspberries and greek yoghurt. More tea followed then we carried on with our work!  Later, Janet worked on a chart that had a combination of cross stitch with some ornamental stitches and Chris was trying to sort out some Farmer's Wife blocks which needed naming. I sadly, could not find my copy of FW to help her. Anyone know where it is??? LOL.

My quilt top began to take shape very quickly until .... on laying out the blocks, I was advised to purchase further amounts of the fabrics (I had charm squares and half metres of co-ordinating fabrics from the range in stronger colours) so that I could blend the blocks in more effectively rather than make them stand out.  I then made the cardinal sin of cutting my fabric for the stars without checking my instructions!  Sadly, I now have 56 x 2 3/4 inch squares which are not useable.. I then realised I have done the same for the other quilt too.  Bother! There is a moral there somewhere!!!!! 

Chris had to go earlier rather than later as she needed to let the dogs out.  Amanda and Janet stayed for another cuppa and a piece of Walnut cake (Tesco's) then, sadly, they too left.  Another Tuesday over again.  We  will meet back here next week, all being well!

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  1. You sound as though you had a lovely day and were certainly busy - I did think of you all. Hopefully see you soon. Alison