Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Meet Again

Today, we were three as Amanda is away and Chris had to work... but with the promise she would be with us as soon as she could.  I opened up a very cool Conservatory and warmed it not with one, but two heaters full blast.  It was soon nice and toasty!  I got in about a half an hour's sewing before Alison, the first of the Tuesday Girls arrived, very closely followed by Janet.  I'd heard the cars arrive and the kettle was already boiled, so it wasn't long before we were sat enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and a Belgian toffee waffle or muffin - today's recipe was Breakfast Muffins based on a recipe from "Muffins Galore" by Catherine Atkinson.  These should have involved muesli, buttermilk and a stint in the fridge, overnight.  Sadly, time did not allow for the 8 hours in the fridge before baking.  Still, they were more than edible. However,  I will have to try them again with the time in the fridge, as it is supposed to significantly improve their quality. 

After a quick refill we began our 'sewing' with a Show and Tell. Janet was working on the binding of a wonderful winter table runner.  Alison showed us a very pretty  Dresden Plate block and she also had a beautiful selection of Red and White blocks.  I had begun sewing the blocks from one of my versions of the Hidden Stars quilt together, but as I find it almost impossible to 'do' random, it took me a while, with the Girls help,  to position the rectangles so there wasn't too much conflict with the colour scheme.  Not only did they help with that one they gave me a lesson in random for the other one which was laid out over the floor in the lounge.  Thanks Girl's - your help was appreciated.

As soon as we completed that task, lunch loomed and I hadn't got the oven on!  Luckily it was salad, pasta and chicken .. all ready, barr being reheated!  With Rosemary Foccachias as the accompaniment, it went down well.  As I returned to the Conservatory, I was surprised to see Chris who had arrived in my absence. She was most welcome and as the Girls had set the table we sat down to lunch with allacrity, all of us being quite hungry.  Whilst we were eating, we chatted about the talk we had been to the night before, at Thameside Quilters, with .... which had been interesting and humerous too.  For 'afters' we ate Waitrose Desert Brownie with fresh fruit salad... rather too moorish by far!  After another cup of tea, and the dogs (Berry, Molly and Sammi) had had a run in the garden, Chris departed and we settled to some serious stitching.  We all managed a goodly amount of it too!  Janet completed her binding so the runner looks really great.  Alison worked on another of her blocks and I machined the half square triangles on the the rectangles on the pastel star quilt. 

Too soon, it was time for Janet and Alison to wend their way home. I waved them good-bye and decided to carry on for another few hours.  After a while, the evening chill got to me so I decided to trek the few short yards to home.  Another Tuesday sadly over, once more!

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  1. It is very nice to learn about you all every week. Maybe next summer I will meet Amanda again at the Guildford's Quilters group.