Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change of Plans

Well, today was going to be an 'up in the air' day as we weren't sure that it would happen as the Tuesday Girls were 'all over the place'.  As we thought there weren't going to be 'enough of us, Janet and I arranged to meet for lunch, but it transpired that Amanda could make it for the morning and then Chris said she was able to make it.  Plans were remade and I had a hasty trip to the shop for lunch items! Sadly Alison was unable to come up today but we were thinking of her.

I arrived at Janet's first though had 4 texts to answer before I'd even got out of the car!  Amanda suddenly flew past my window with her friend's daughter, Laura as the rain 'decided' to fall from the heavens at that point.  We all ran inside and settled at the table. Chris was not far behind and we began to chat over a cuppa! Weight Watchers Bakewell slice and some raspberry, pistachio and white chocolate cookies duly made their appearance on the table.

Amanda and Laura were cutting out jam jar covers (they had been busy making jam over the previous day) from ranges of fabrics from Amanda's stash. It is amazing how a circle looks large enough to cover an item until it is measured up.  They tried drawing around a plate and hopefully that will be the correct size.  Fingers x. 

Chris was sewing on the binding to a London Quilt, her second and making it look very smart and so easy.. fabulous tiny stitches.

Janet showed us a pattern she had got from the USA, 'Abigail's Pins' by Heartspun Quilts which looked really lovely and was making Log Cabin blocks using fabrics from Moda's Kansas Troubles and Homespun Wildflower Serenade II.  Very effective and will be another stunning quilt. 

Janet used her wall-paper roller to 'iron' out the seams.  This is so effective that all she needed to do was iron the tops to complete the task. Amazing how a simple and cheap tool can do such a great job.

Me... well I was sewing on the buttons to the triangular flaps on a Square Bag, the pattern for which I had waited with baited breath, (they looked so good in the photos), from a thread on BQL!  When it was put up, I downloaded it and away I went.... I hadn't wanted to use a large piece of fabric in case my workmanship didn't produce the result I wanted so reduced the dimensions a little to fit fat quarters.  (This is my proto-type as I want to make one as a gift for my neighbour's new wife.) I even had enough to make the handles, a small needle case and a scissor case.

Amanda and Laura left before lunch - and it was with the sudden realisation that the potatoes were not in the oven, that I then began the prep.  Janet bless her had offered to provide the venue today, as my usual venue was unavailable to due to a large contingent of my lovely neighbour's family staying over.  We ate tuna or cheese baked 'tatties' with salad followed up by some truly yummy chocolate and coconut cheesecakes from the Co-Op's meal deal range.  Highly recommend them... although Chris felt unable to partake as she had recently had some time away in Cornwall and said she had over-indulged in all the wonderful locally made produce!  She has more will -power than I do!

After another cup of tea, Chris then packed up and I followed about fifteen minutes later.  It was good to be together again as I had spent many a Tuesday working, recently. It being the holiday season however we will perhaps only be two, maybe three over the next few weeks.   As always, watch this space!

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