Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

Grr!  I have just lost a whole two hours of typing and getting photos in just the right place.  I keep getting messages saying Blogger isn't compatible with my browser - I'm using Explorer 11.... that it hasn't saved properly and so on...  I could see part of it on the list page but when clicked on it 'wasn't there'! So this is version no 2... shorter and not nearly as interesting... I have a cold and my head is pounding so..... Read on.  Hope it makes sense!

 Well, Christmas is over and a New Year begun. Resolutions made to get some of those UFO's completed (in theory I'll be organised and everything will fall into place... but I know me. Fingers x). Hope all our readers have had a great start to the year.

Sadly, it was a rainy start to the day (and rather too cool to go into The Conservatory), but not nearly as bad as poor Alison was experiencing. I received a call from her to say that she had begun her journey and then gone back as the rain was lashing down, with thunder and lightning occurring also. One of my mottos is safety first... so I am glad she was safe at home.

The first to arrive was Chris, followed by Janet then Amanda.  Soon the kettle was boiled and tea and cakes were on the table.  I had made a Betty Crocker Sunshine Lemon cake and some gluten free chocolate muffins.. quite yummy. Several mugs later ....

... I was presented with lots of presents as it was my birthday the next day. I am blessed with friends who know me well and make amazing choices giving me some wonderful gifts.  Thank you ladies. Great Choices! I shall really enjoy using them and will look forward to lunch with Amanda.

Chris and Amanda had brought hexagons to work on (sorry - no photo of Chris's as I didn't remember to take them until she was gone). Their pieces are growing gradually but look amazing.

 I spent my time looking at some of the quilting books Janet and I had received for Christmas.

Sadly, Chris was going to leave early as the Tuesday Puppy was going to class, so we had an early lunch.  Herb crusted chicken, cooked in orange juice, with garlic bread and salad, followed by caramel cheesecake or chocolate brownie desert. We waved Chris goodbye, then another mug of tea and got back to our stitching.. well Janet and Amanda did. I had bought my daughter's friendship braid quilt to work on but... I spent my time looking through my pressies - I can't wait to try the recipes or chose something from the modern quilt designs.

Janet was working on some hand piecing... stunning colours and so beautifully neat! I can imagine how it will look in a short while... the blocks look fantastic even in 4's (see below).  She had an enormous pile of both incomplete and finished blocks.. so

All too soon, it was time for home.  We talked about going to Farnham Maltings on Sunday then said our good-byes.  Another day was done!  Hopefully we will all be able to get together next month.
Until then.. take care!

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