Sunday, November 13, 2011

I forgot ...

I forgot ... that it was me who needed to write the blog! No-one has commented on my lack of an entry, but apologies for the delay!

Trying to think back to last Tuesday is a struggle for the brain cells at the moment, Tuesday is a distant memory. I was hoping the photos would work as prompts. but I seem to have misplaced them between Tuesday and today. Amanda & Janet were able to join me for a simple lunch of baked potato, fillings and salad. Janet is making lovely progress with her Farmer's Wife blocks, all sewn on her featherweight. Amanda was preparing for a workshop - a very busy lady!

Above is a recent photo of the puppy (now 13 weeks old), who is preventing me from doing any sewing at all at the moment! She is adorable - but time consuming. Molly (seen with her in the photo) has been very patient and puts up with being pounced on and chewed upon at regular intervals.

I am unable to get to the next couple of Tuesdays but hopefully the hostesses will do better with the blog than I!

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