Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's been a long time!

It certainly has been a long time since Hampshire was the venue for the Tuesday Girls get together, so it was a bonus that it was another beautiful day for the drive down. The countryside is looking particularly lovely at the moment which made for a very pleasant journey for Janet and Amanda. Chris and Caroline, you were missed, hope it won't be too long before we all get together again. 

We quickly had the kettle boiled, the tea made and then enjoyed banana and chocolate muffins. Just as I was about to put up the picture I did wonder how muffins have been pictured on this blog already - too many for our waistline I would imagine!

Before we started the stitching for the day we played with settings for the hexagons that Amanda has been busy making over the weeks. we all agreed that a traditional grandmother's garden setting suited them best. So Amanda got busy stitching her flowers together.

Janet and I were busy cutting more blocks for our Farmer's Wife Quilt and we talked about having a special Farmer's Wife day .......all sorts of wonderful ideas were put forward .....from the funny to the ridiculous.

After a lunch of butternut squash soup followed by apple crumble, we got back to sewing. Amanda and Janet continued with their hexagons and cutting blocks but I decided to have a change - mainly because I was about to cut a 6 " block with 32 pieces and I didn't fancy that much! 

I carried on with some Japanese folded patchwork. These were blocks for a project that Southampton Quilters are organising. They are fun to do and a great take along project.

All too soon it was time to pack up and for Janet and Amanda to head off home, but not before Amanda put the last few stitches into her final flower for the day.

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