Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wild Day in Surrey

The weather was a bit wild in Surrey today,  it was very dull, which meant we had the lights on all day and it was very windy.

There would only be three of us this morning, Amanda, Chris and myself, with Amanda staying for lunch and Chris popping for a cup of tea.

Alison had other plans today and Caroline was still in Brazil attending a friend's wedding.

As usual we started with cups of tea with hazelnut and chocolate chip biscuits and chocolate chip muffins and catching up on our news.

Amanda was continuing to make the flowers for the grandmother flower garden quilt, as you can from the tin Amanda has quite a few to make.

Chris was knitting (I think) hand warmers, in a variegated yarn from Sirdar called Escape.

I was sewing the ends in on Stephanie's Strawberry Fields quilt.

Chris left before lunch and we were joined by Stephanie.  We had jacket potatoes, tuna and salad followed by 'After Dark Hot Chocolate Melting Middles by GU.

After lunch, Stephanie went back to her studies, Amanda continued with her flowers.

I got out my Diamond Star quilt that's I have doing over papers, this is an ongoing project that has been going for at least 18 months! I have been undecided on the finished quilt, but have now decided on a table runner, just a little unpicking and then I can carry on.

Until next time.

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