Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drip Drip Drip a lot of Rain!

This morning started very grey and wet, as it been raining overnight, but it had eased slightly by the time Caroline and Amanda arrived.

Alison was spending a few days in Scotland with her Mum and Chris was spending the day with her son.   Alison's Mum and Chris' son were celebrating birthdays this week 'Happy Birthday' to both of them.

With the kettle already boiled, as usual we started with a cup of tea, with the tea we had a Sultana Brioche (made by my husband) and chocolate macaroons.

After a second cup of tea and more cake is was decided that we would not do any sewing until after lunch.

For lunch, we had jacked potatoes with tuna and salad and for dessert, apple and apricot crumble with custard.

After lunch, together with another cup of tea,

Caroline continued on with her Log Cabin Star quilt.

Amanda was working out the fabric placement on a Union flag using the London fabric from Makower

I was sorting out a small leaders and enders project I had started at the weekend. (no photo I'm afraid).  I did a show and tell, this small quilt was in Julia's Four Block Challenge at Heather Quilters exhibition the weekend before last.

After another cup of tea (we do drink alot of tea!) it was time for Caroline and Amanda to wind their way home, the weather had improved and there was even a bit of sun shine.

Until next week.

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