Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunshine at Last!!!!

 Is this summer?  Dare we hope?!!
Tea & muffins were order of the day - as usual!!
The sun was streaming in through the wide open windows - very pleasant for a morning of sewing, or other things.
Chris brought along her trees from Saturday & removed all the paper.  Tedious on your own but quite fun in company!

Janet was putting the finishing touches to her Lynette Anderson quilt for Needle & Thread, to show off he fabrics.

Christmas in May!  At least this might be another project off the UFO list!!
With the sunshine so tempting & the temperature rising, lunch in the garden.  We have to make the most of it!!
Coronation chicken & ham with salad went down very nicely.

I was sorting some of my London fabrics to make a Jubilee Quilt.  Unfortunately the cat decided it was rather a good place to sleep so they became a little muddled!

Another lovely day.  Long may this weather continue!
A wonderful day for Chelsea - lucky Caroline!
Alison, I am sure was making the most of her garden too - hope the delivery/collection happened.


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