Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunshine and showers

Count on it banners  -Nancy Halvorsen
Another Tuesday and a trip to the Hampshire countryside for the Surrey girls.
Although it is mid May, summer hasn't really arrived yet. The weather has been very mixed and really quite cold.
So cold in fact, that instead of sitting outside with that first cup of tea as we might have hoped to have been able to do, we were in fact sitting in front of the fire ...yes the fire ...hard to believe that I lit a fire in May.

However the sun did make an appearance at times and the bluebells in the garden are still looking lovely.
After a cup of tea or two and enjoying a chocolate chip and banana muffin we soon got down to work.

Janet was busy sewing the binding on a quilt for Needle and Thread the red certainly made the black and white quilt zing. I think the pattern is from or inspired by a book by Kim Brackett but I will need to check that.We loved the backing fabric, put us all in the mood for a trip to Paris!

Caroline was working on the quilt for her father and it is looking lovely. She got lots sewn together but had unfortunately forgotten the other strips so we will have to wait for a full 'tadah' till later.
I was finishing off the May calendar quilt and so I wasn't so late next month cut out all the pattern for June.

I then joined Amanda in finishing off our Christmas trees - a workshop that we did with Janet last September......hopefully they will be ready for this Christmas.

All of us at some point today had to do some reverse sewing - there was a lot of anguished cries of 'oh, not again' as we discovered another block joined on in the wrong place or pieces sewn in the wrong place or needles jabbed in fingers.....maybe it was the rhubarb crumble to blame? Who knows.
We all had a good day though despite the minor tribulations and put the world to rights over the many cups of tea.

Chris, you were missed ..hope we are back as a 5 very soon....oh yes on Saturday at our very first Tuesday Girls Day exciting...looking forward to that. I wonder what we all mange to achieve during the day?

Till next time.