Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Made it at last!

There have been many Tuesdays of late when I have been otherwise engaged but today I made it!!! It was wonderful  to see everyone and be a group of 5 again.

Plans had gone awry first thing and I was still changing out of wet weather dog clothes when the first knock sounded at the door! Kettle boiled and we were able to nibble biscuits with our first cup of tea. I had made custard shortbread biscuits which tasted ok given that I had poured the icing sugar into the butter before sieving first!
Cream 4oz butter with 1/3cup icing sugar. Add 1 1/2cups sifted plain flour, 1/3cup custard powder, tsp vanilla essence and mix well. Form into balls and squash with a fork. Bake medium oven about 12 mins.

Alison was continuing her hand quilting which is just lovely - such even stitches!
Amanda was also hand sewing, assembling her hexagons, but I didn't get a photo as she left after lunch.

Janet has been making a sample for the shop to showcase some of the beautiful fabrics in stock. I also took a picture of a second set of blocks that Janet was working on but deleted the picture by mistake!!! Sorry Janet, can you share?

Caroline was busy assembling her stars in log cabin blocks which has grown tremendously since I last saw it. Looking forward to being able to photograph the finished top.

I was finally sewing down the binding on my two block quilt. I started this a while ago at a class Janet held and it has been beautifully quilted by Yvette on her long arm machine.  I'll share a better picture when it's finished properly.

It was great to be back and I hope to make more Tuesdays over the next few weeks

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  1. Que preciosidad, te esta quedando genial. Nos encanta. Nosotras acolchamos a mano, pero no sabemos como podeis hacerlo en bastidor. Un beso desde Spain